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Custom Screen Solutions for Belcourt Theatre

Custom Screen Solutions for Belcourt Theatre

Boston Light & Sound

Belcourt Theatre, one of Nashville's most vibrant arts organizations, needed large, motorized systems and framed projection screens to replace the screens in two auditoriums.

Boston Light & Sound, a leading technical consultant and integrator for Motion Picture Film, Digital Cinema and Pro-A/V Systems, provided customized, cost-effective solutions with Strong/MDI screens.

For the Belcourt’s largest auditorium, the 1925 cinema and live event room, they needed a large format, retractable screen since the fly loft was eliminated in the renovation. We manufactured a 34-foot by 14-foot Strongview XL motorized system and a Digitalview micro-perforated screen. Digitalview screens, typically used with powerful projectors, limit unwanted reflection from other light sources in the room. Micro-perforation was chosen over standard perforation to ensure the holes that permit sound through the material are invisible when viewers are seated close to the screen. Also, thanks to a custom black border at the top, the screen can be rolled down to the perfect height. BL&S also added remotely controlled, motorized side masking to the screen rigging, using MDI K-Series Motors.

For the Belcourt’s 1966 cinema, we combined a 30-foot by 15-foot Domino frame and a Northview 1.0 matte white, micro-perforated projection surface.  BL&S selected the Domino truss frame for its rigid construction and ability to customize since rigging hardware for both the motorized top border and side masking curtain tracks needed to be attached to the frame structure. Here again, remotely controlled MDI K-Series Motors were selected.

Projects such as these highlight our ability to build tailored projection screens and frames for the specialty market.


Boston Light & Sound

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