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Our R&D team strives to improve viewing angle while maintaining optimal screen reflectivity and coating durability. These goals are the driving force behind the development of our sophisticated coatings and screen surfaces. Today, our screens are in prestigious venues worldwide, they are the #1 screen choice for premium large format theatres including those for the top seven cinema chains and IMAX Corporation.

Dependable quality, invisible seams under projection and specialty coatings developed in our dedicated lab result in surfaces with the very best optical qualities and viewing characteristics available for both 2D and 3D.

Our screens are in prestigious venues Worldwide

Light reflection

Lower light output requirements with screens that reflect up to 40% more overall light than standard silver screens.

Viewing angle

Reduce the hot spot effect with the most generous viewing angle of any other screen at comparable gain.

Fast & consistent

Expect consistent quality, fast delivery and attentive service

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