Pro A/V Screen Solutions

Pro A/V screens and custom support structures require particular attention. They are the canvas on which your content comes alive. To achieve the effect you want, the screen surface must be flawless and perfectly suited to the lighting in your venue.

From practical solutions for the classroom to original structures for immersive experiences; we have the technical capacity and the facility to build nearly anything you can imagine.

Vertical Markets

  • Museums

    In a museum setting, visitors see the content up-close and the screen is often an integral part of the exhibit design. The appearance of the projection surface is of utmost importance; color rendering must be impeccable. Let our experts find the most suitable screen surface for your unique project.

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  • Themed Entertainment

    Strong/MDI designs and manufactures custom screen products and optical coatings for creative projects of any size. From large curvilinear screens and structures for theme park rides to specially formulated coatings for simulators, our engineers and chemists develop the ultimate screen solution.

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  • Events

    The tech-savvy public has high expectations when attending events. Large screens create eye-catching displays that will wow your audience! We assist you through all phases of project development to make sure you have the right viewing surface to maximize audience engagement.

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  • Worship

    Video projection is playing an increasingly important role in worship venues. We provide the right projection surface no matter the size, viewing angle issues or ambient light levels in your sanctuary. Our high-quality rear and front view surfaces help you deliver a clear message to your parishioners.

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  • Education

    For multi-purpose auditoriums, our reliable electric screen solutions are scalable up to 36'-6'' (11,12m) in image width. Choose our line of Strongview motorized screens for a perfectly tensioned surface, quiet operating system and flawless image.

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  • Corporate

    Two-piece projection is the most affordable and versatile display solution for your corporate event. Our rear and front view projector screens are tailored to your specific content, viewing distance, ambient lighting, and venue size.

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  • Broadcast

    Our application-specific solutions extend to the broadcast industry with contrast-enhancing viewing surfaces, custom screen frames and LED diffuser screens that deliver top-notch images while eliminating glare and moiré interference.

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Our made-to-order screen systems are priced competitively. Contact us for a quote and you’ll be surprised to see that custom doesn’t have to mean more expensive.


We bring all of our resources together to tailor screen solutions for your venue; guiding you every step of the way from design through to delivery and set up.

high quality

Each and every projection screen that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous quality testing far surpassing industry standards.

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