Giant Display by Stagevision

Eleven Screens and Frames for One Immense Display by Stagevision

Eleven Screens and Frames for One Immense Display by Stagevision


See why customized screens are key to creating standout events


Stagevision designed this immense display for the Open Text Enterprise World Tech Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. The 420’ wide display projected the world’s largest animated waterfall and various background animations during the conference. Twenty 30,000 lumen projectors were used to project onto 10,000 square feet of Strong/MDI’s 1.0+ black back projection screen material.


Strong/MDI collaborated with Stagevision on several projects, each one of them as exciting and original as the next. Custom screens for large commercial applications are our strong suit and this project was as giant and as custom as they come.

Stagevision sent us a CAD design for a project that called for six 25’ x 8’ columns, a 220’ wide central screen, and four large lateral screens.

An additional challenge was added: Stagevision and Strong/MDI felt it would be possible to reuse frame parts from previous projects to cut costs, reduce production time and recycle used, yet undamaged material. The sales and engineering teams made a detailed inventory of previously used frames and puzzled together the new project.



Domino frames were used to build the six columns, Stagevision added corrugated plastic within the frames to make sure the screen material stayed taut and did not incurve. The 1.0+ matte material was wrapped around the frame for an edgeless finish. The large central screen and the two largest lateral screens measuring 38’ in width were wrapped around the Domino frames at the top only, steel rods were provided for the bottoms to keep the screens flat. Domino frames and wrap around screen systems were used for the two remaining 30’ wide lateral screens. Strong/MDI’s wrap around system with invisible lacing ensures a wrinkle-free projection surface even with circular shaped frames. The 1.0+ surface with black backing was chosen to prevent image fading caused by light moving through the screen material from the back, either by way of intrusive ambient light or from the lighting flown from the ceiling.

An impressive result for certain. Large custom screens are the most affordable means of achieving deeply engaging displays that live up to the expectations of increasingly discerning audiences.







Toronto, Ontario

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