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Reese’s Cupfusion®, an interactive dark ride produced by Sally Dark Rides

Immersive surfaces for Reese’s Cupfusion®

Immersive surfaces for Reese’s Cupfusion®

Sally Dark Rides

Reese's Cupfusion® at Hersheypark merges the world's love of chocolate and peanut butter to create a sweet full-sensory adventure for the entire family. The story-driven dark ride was designed to create a 3D environment in which riders are fully immersed.

Sally Dark Rides, a leading dark ride designer and manufacturer, produced the 2019 update with all new technology. Strong/MDI provided a dozen screens and frames for the project including an Eclipse solid surface overhead curved screen for the exciting grand finale.

Dark rides require high levels of performance to ensure riders engage with the content. Seamless projection surfaces are critical, they prevent image distortions while providing maximum brightness and increased depth of field. The custom curved support structures and Domino frames in this project were matched with Strong/MDI’s matte white surfaces to provide high-quality images regardless of the viewing angle at which the visitor is engaged with the content. The solid Eclipse screen was coated onsite with the company’s high-contrast Orion optical coating, specifically developed to maintain contrast levels in immersive environments.

Chris Weaver, Project Manager at Sally Dark Rides, had this to say: “We have worked with Strong/ MDI on past projects and knew they would be able to produce a high-quality curved screen, which we needed for the ride’s finale. But in this case, we had an accelerated installation schedule which put pressure on production and delivery. In the end, Strong/MDI put together a team to not only meet our dates, but they also delivered a grade-A product.


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