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Introducing Premium HGA 1.7 Screens

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July 15, 2019

Introducing Premium HGA 1.7 Screens: the new standard for laser projection

Premium HGA 1.7 is engineered for high output projector systems that require superior light diffusion properties. Strong/MDI’s Lead Chemist, Carmen Simion, states: “Although the new screen is part of the Premium HGA family, the 1.7 coating has unique properties to enhance light scattering and mitigate speckling, a common issue in laser projection systems.” The proprietary technology behind the HGA coating results in a whiter looking screen with an ultra-wide viewing angle. Images appear bright and even across the surface while colors in all parts of the spectrum are deep and rich. The immersive experience is heightened when Premium HGA 1.7 is combined with Strong/MDI’s new micro-perforation pattern that ensures the optimal level of light reflectance and sound transmission. The enhanced perforation alignment also reduces moiré fringes, an interference pattern caused by the interaction of the perforation holes with the pixel grid.

As an added advantage, HGA coatings are very resistant and long-lasting. They are also competitively priced, a worthwhile investment for any exhibitor looking to maximize the cost-quality balance” says Francois Barrette, Vice President at Strong/MDI Screen Systems.

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