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Strongview 2 Rollers
April 11, 2022

In need for multiple formats in large auditorium environments?

To answer the needs for multiple formats in large auditorium environments Strong/MDI has developed a dual roller, motorized screen with integrated masking panels. The system is conceived around the Strongview family of motorized screens. Available in two categories, Constant Width or Constant Height, Strong/MDI’s integrated masking solutions better present the different shapes of video content.

Strongview Plus V offering Constant Height

Sometimes a two-aspect ratio solution best suits the situation. Maybe you need a widescreen image some of the time and a presentation shaped image the rest of the time. With a Strongview Plus V, your screen can include two panels, that roll down to mask the sides creating a narrower shape.

Side Masking


Strongview Plus W orffering Constant Width

Sometimes a multiple aspect ratio solution best suits the situation. With a Strongview Plus W, your native image could be designed for presentations that transform with horizontal masking to a range of up to 9 widescreen options.

Strongview Plus W is available in two options. When you have lens memory that can shift image center, dropping a masking panel from the top completes the package. When you do not have lens memory, or you just prefer a constant center, we have an option to drop masking while rolling up the bottom border.

Top Masking



  • Custom size to fit any room any aspect ratio.
  • Integration in one casing for complete masking and screen system.
  • Easy installation.
  • Connect to all popular automation systems.
  • Choose from multiple screen fabrics.
  • Perforation options available for acoustic transparency.
  • Long term reliability hassle free operation with two-year P&L warranty.

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