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LED Walls vs Projection Screens for Large Commercial Applications

Large Projection Screens
February 12, 2018

LED Walls vs Projection Screens for Large Commercial Applications

Event planners are creating more immersive events; high quality displays that draw the audience in. Traditional business presentations no longer suffice, when attending an event, audiences now expect more. There is no better way of enhancing the visual experience than by surrounding them with the media. The most practical and affordable way of doing this is with a large customized projection screen, preferably curved. Here are three reasons why projection screens still hold their own when compared to LED panels for corporate events.   

Projection Screens are Versatile

If you are looking to surround your audience, then curved or multiple screens are the way to go. Customization is a must, the screen needs to be manufactured according to your venue’s size, viewing distance and ambient lighting.

Another element to consider is whether your screen will be used for passive or active viewing. An example of passive viewing would be the projection of background images to create an overall atmosphere. Active viewing on the other hand, implies an interaction with the content being projected, for example, a presentation that requires the viewer to read text or graphs. Custom projection screens are scalable up to any size and can be manufactured into unique shapes for added originality. Frames and support structures are built accordingly.  The flexible lightweight surfaces are easy and quick to install and dismantle.  

Projectors have Improved

The advent of laser projection means high resolution, incredibly detailed images. Color and dynamic range have considerably improved reducing the gap between LED and projection image brightness and quality. In addition, projection is much less subject to pixelization than LED. In broadcast applications, projection screens are sometimes placed in front of LED walls to diffuse light and decrease moiré, a wavelike pattern often problematic with LED lights.

Projection Screens are Cost-Effective

Two-piece projection remains the most affordable way of creating large immersive video displays with high quality graphics. Screen material is relatively cheap, especially for projects requiring a large viewing surface. Also, LED walls are expensive to upgrade, much more so than with other options. To reduce costs even further consider using a seamed screen rather that a one-piece screen surface. Screens assembled using Strong/MDI’s technology for instance, look completly seamless under normal projection. Find out how we can help you accomplish your visual presentation goals today by contacting our team through our website or by calling (877) 755-3795 in the U.S. and Canada or (450) 755-3795 internationally.

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