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May 1, 2018

Strong/MDI adds Curvilinear Screens for Themed Applications to its Product Lineup

Strong/MDI announced it will take over the business activities of Eclipse Projection Screens. Dustin Small, former CEO at Eclipse, will join Ballantyne Strong as the new Director of Specialty Projects. He will be based in Orlando where he will continue to manage the division and promote integrated screen solutions for themed applications.  

The spherical screen developed by Eclipse offers superior advantages when compared to existing perforated metal screens. The screen systems are entirely “seamless” - with no visible evidence of the typical perforated panel checkerboard pattern caused by dust collection, butt joints and panel color variances. Since the surface is solid, there is no light loss and the projected media remains at high resolution at lower lumen output. The patented sound technology allows audio to penetrate through a solid screen surface to maintain the approximation of sound to the relative media. With no visible evidence of distortion to the projected media or sound, this is a game changer for the entire themed entertainment industry.

“Turnkey solutions are in high demand, and sometimes a strategic relationship is the best way to accomplish that,” stated Dustin Small, Director of Specialty Projects and former CEO of Eclipse Screens. “The patented curvilinear screen system is enhanced with Strong/MDI’s wide range of screen products and optical coatings designed for themed entertainment applications.

Other key advantages to the new screen offering include custom attraction design expertise, onsite construction, installation and coating application, timely screen manufacturing, and no limit to size or shape. The solutions are also durable and maintenance friendly.

 “This partnership brings together Dustin Small’s 20 years of theme park design experience with Strong/MDI’s 40+ years of cinema expertise. The one-stop screen solutions it enables us to provide to themed entertainment professionals are both practical and cost-effective.” said Francois Barrette, Vice President and General Manager at Strong/MDI.

Additional information regarding Strong/MDI’s compound screen solutions for themed entertainment can be obtained by contacting Dustin Small at 407 968-1952 or by email:

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