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Cleaning your projection screen

Cleaning your Projector Screen

It is completely natural for your screen to develop a layer of dirt and dust. However, if you don't clean your screen regularly and properly, that dirt and dust becomes more difficult to remove, and that can lead to the loss of satisfactory viewing properties.

For starters, be sure to always limit pollutants in the area of your screen installation. Also, perform maintenance on a regular schedule. By doing so, you will experience optimum screen performance and extend the life of the screen.

Because screen materials vary, it is important that you follow the correct instructions for your screen type. Ignoring instructions can lead to surface damage. Coated screens, specifically, require careful attention, as they are particularly vulnerable to damage.


Non coated surfaces may be wiped with a damp soft cloth and a small amount of soap. For light dust accumulation follow the instructions given for coated surfaces.


* Never apply water, soap or any cleaning product to coated screen surfaces.

  • Only use a dry microfiber cloth attached to a telescopic pole
  • Apply very gentle pressure as you delicately wipe the surface with vertical strokes
  • Shake off excess dust after each stroke and change the cloth as soon as it becomes dirty
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