Fond Blanc 1920X513

HGA React Laser-Ready Screen

HGA ReAct Laser-Ready Screen

3D silver

Premium Large Format Screen
IMAX Corporation installs HGA ReAct screens in their new installations worldwide.


    • Reduced hot spot effect through a broader viewing cone
    • 40 percent more light reflected across the entire screen surface compared to standard silver screens
    • Augmented durability and resistance to damage mirroring our Stereoview 3D screen models
    • Versatility for a selection of projection types including 3D.


  1. 2.9 gain/25° half gain angle is ideal for larger venues requiring maximum brightness
  2. 1.9 gain/30° half gain angle is optimal for a broader viewing angle
  3. 1.7 gain/32° half gain angle is optimal for high output laser projectors
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