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Cleaning your Projection Screen

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June 14, 2016

Cleaning your projection screen

Over time, it is normal for dust and grime to accumulate on a screen surface and affect its reflective properties.

It is important to limit contaminants in the area where your screen is installed and to regularly remove any accumulation on the screen surface by following the recommendations below. Proper maintenance will not only extend your screen’s life, it will also ensure optimal screen performance.

Because screen surfaces vary, it is important that you follow the correct instructions for your screen type. Coated screens are particularly vulnerable to damage and require careful attention.

If your screen is uncoated:

Wipe lightly with a damp cloth. If grime is difficult to remove with only water, you may use a small amount of mild liquid soap. Make sure the cloth you use is very soft to avoid scratching the surface. Rinse the cloth often with clean water.

If your screen is coated:

Coated screens include our silver 3D and white gain surfaces. These projection screens are coated with sophisticated finishes that are easier to damage than non-coated surfaces. Harsh products may strip the coating and permanently affect the screen's reflective properties. Delicate care is required for these types of screens. To remove any contaminants on the surface, brush lightly with a clean microfiber cloth. We find those attached to a telescopic pole particularly practical for large surfaces. Using a telescopic pole also limits the risk of scratching the screen with nails and/or jewelry. Using moderate pressure, wipe the surface with an up and down motion. Be sure to shake off the cloth after each stroke. Never wipe the screen with a dirty cloth, change it as soon as it is slightly dirty.

With adequate care, your screen will retain its viewing properties for several years. Give us a call if you need further instructions.

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