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February 26, 2016

Product Profile: Blackview screens


Charcoal Grey projector screen surface.

When the viewing environment is not totally dark and you want your screen surface to seamlessly blend into your setting, our Blackview may be the way to go. Today’s powerful video projectors allow darker screens to shine. By improving the contrast ratio, they provide outstanding black/grey scale levels in well-lit environments. Although low-gain black surfaces reflect less light than white screens, the enhanced contrast makes the perceived image brighter. Our tests show that contrast ratio is amplified by approximately 30% with a loss of only 15% in overall color saturation when compared to matte white screens. For optimal performances, low-gain screens such as our Blackview should be paired with high-output projectors.


The Strong/MDI Blackview screen is translucent and has a wide variety of uses. Mainly used in RP applications, it also performs very well in FP. Increased contrast ratio and minimal loss of color saturation in rear projection offsets the loss of brightness caused by light having to move through the screen material. Front projection, on the other hand, requires darker interiors, as any ambient light hampers the efficiency of the projector.

The Blackview projection screen can also be used in conjunction with LED video wall in HD broadcast. The surface becomes a filter, a diffuser that corrects the moiré effect. Briefly explained, this effect is created in broadcast because, when videoing a LED display, the camera’s fine patterns do not line up with the patterns of the panels in most pixel pitch. This is often called ‘pixelation’. The overlapping patterns create distracting curved lines that seem to flicker on footage but are invisible to the naked eye. In high def broadcasts, it is imperative to make this correction. Using our Blackview eliminates imperfections, the image becomes clearer, sharper.


Increased contrast ratio, good color saturation and sharper images are among the many advantages of our Blackview projection screens. In addition, this surface performs well in highly lit areas by absorbing ambient light rather than reflecting back toward the audience. Black screens have the added advantage of being inconspicuous on a set by blending well with any décor and set design. They also eliminate the need for a masking system.

For additional information on our Blackview projection screen and their many uses, please contact us or visit our Blackview product page.

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