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August 15, 2018

Strong/MDI Releases the Orion Gray Optical Coating for Immersive Displays

Strong/MDI Screen Systems announced the release of Orion - a matte gray coating developed for solid, paintable surfaces. Orion is an acrylic-based formula that provides wide viewing angles and impeccable color reproduction. It is applied onsite by Strong/MDI technicians to ensure adequate surface preparation and optimal image uniformity.  Orion is recommended for large commercial applications in the themed entertainment industry.

The Orion gray coating was first developed specifically for the company’s compound spherical surface: the Eclipse screen. The new matte gray finish limits the impact of incidental light from sources other than the projector while maintaining superior contrast levels. The ultra-wide viewing angle ensures impeccable image quality from any point of view in the room. “We first developed the gray coating for a flying theatre project” said Francois Barrette, Vice President and General Manager at Strong MDI Screen Systems “the main objective was creating a formula that would allow perfect uniformity, rich color and a very wide viewing angle. In themed applications, the audience must often interact with the content at sub-optimal viewing angles or while moving, the Orion Gray Coating ensures each viewer perceives a high-quality picture no matter where they are seated in the room.

The coating, suitable for application on a variety of substrates used in large immersive displays, theme park rides, flying theatres and motion simulators is available in two optical gain options: 0.5 or 0.7 for increased brightness. Orion meets low VOC emission requirements and is Class A fire rated.  Those requiring more information can contact the Strong/MDI sales team by calling 1 877 755-3795 or by filling out the online contact form.

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