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Why Two-Piece Projection Remains a Vital Visual Format

July 10, 2018

Why Two-Piece Projection Remains a Vital Visual Format

Even with the rise of LED displays, classic, two-piece projection arrangements remains a vital format for visual presentations. While they may appear simple from the outside, advances in technology have allowed traditional system arrangements to evolve with unmatchable benefits. Take a closer look at why two-piece projection will be around for years to come.

6 Benefits of Two-Piece Projection

1. Size Availability

Size options for projection systems can be virtually endless because they can be custom-made to fit the presentation space. With blended projection, i.e. when several projectors are used in a display system, an extremely large display surface will still appear bright and sharp. The display surfaces can be as large as desired without the appearance of mullions.

2. Image Quality

Modern projection systems also offer high-quality image displays. Laser projectors provide crisp, detailed images while today's screen technology  utilizes custom coatings and materials that combat classic projection issues, like ambient lighting or wide viewing angles.

3. Shape Options

Custom structures allow you to create projection systems in virtually any form, including circular, 360-degree presentations. Screens can be curved when walls are not flat or when stadiums or monitor stations are curved. Compound screens can also be spherical and torus-shaped. Atypical screen shapes are often found in museums, churches, live events and themed attractions that use projection as an artistic element in their architectural design.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Unlike flat panels that leave an unsightly seam that inhibits a quality viewing experience or LED panels that are prone to pixilation issues, two-piece systems are seamless under projection. This is especially valuable for presentations that involve text or detailed content viewed at close-proximity. You can also achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish with masking borders, infinity edges and invisible mounting options.

5. Cost

Two-piece projection is a cost-effective option as well. Projector and screen systems are less expensive than LED arrangements initially, and they're easier to maintain for the duration of their lives. With a lifespan averaging 20,000 hours, laser projectors keep long-term costs low. Technological advancements in both screen and projector design have increased the longevity of two-piece projection systems so that clients can get the most out of their investment.

6. Convenience

Projection systems also provide convenience. They're easy to clean and require little maintenance. Plus, you can utilize motorized screens for multi-use spaces like classrooms or boardrooms.  Strong/MDI manufactures motorized systems scalable up to 55’ in image width, making them a practical option even for very large venues.

If you're ready to reap the benefits of two-piece projection systems, Strong/MDI can help. We utilize state-of-the-art tools to design, build and test our screens to ensure that each client receives only the highest quality of service. Learn more about the options available by contacting our team at (877) 755-3795 or through our contact form.

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